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Uzhhorod Car Rental

  • Rental station information

    Uzhhorod, B.Khmelnitcskogo square 2.
    Meet and greet station.

    Working hours

    09:00 - 18:00 - Mon, Tue, Wed, Th, Fri

    day off - Sat, Sun

  • Rental station information

    Uzhhorod, 9 Stantsiyna str.
    Meet and greet station.

    Working hours

    09:00 - 18:00 - Mon, Tue, Wed, Th, Fri

    Car delivery (collection) to Main Train Station
аренда авто VW Polo на механике от 19.17 евро в сутки

Car/Combi | EDMR

VW Polo, Skoda Fabia

цена на прокат авто Renault Logan MCV 20.97€/сутки

Car/Combi | EWMR

Renault Logan MCV

взять в аренду автомобиль Skoda Fabia на автомате - от 20.97 € в день

Car/Combi | EDAR

Skoda Fabia, VW Polo Sedan

VW Jetta стоимость авто на прокат 23.67€ в сутки

Car/Combi | CDAR

Seat Arona, Toyota Corolla

VW Golf универсал снять машину в аренду посуточно

Car/Combi | CWAR

Seat Leon, VW Golf Variant

аренда автомобиля

Car/Combi | FDAR

VW Pasat, Toyota Camry


4x4 | PFAR

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Арендовать кросовер

4x4 | SFAR

Seat Ateca, VW Tiguan, Toyota RAV4

аренда внедорожников цена за Audi Q8, BMW X5 от 108.9 до 215 евро в день

4x4 | LFAR

Audi Q8, VW Touareg


* The vehicles availability for car rental in Uzhhorod depends on the fleet utilization. To find out if the car group is really available please fill in the Order with all the necessary rent details.

Car hire in Uzhgorod with SIXT Ukraine

The smallest regional center of Ukraine is Uzhgorod. It is called «the golden gate of Ukraine to Europe». It is a real jewel of the Carpathian region. The town is incredibly cozy and quiet. It's the main place of interest, Uzhgorod Castle, considered to be the heart of the city.

In Uzhgorod you can visit the longest lime avenue, which is particularly beautiful in blossom. You surely have to come and take a walk along Uzhgorod river quay Uzh and visit other famous attractions. Uzhgorod fascinates with its beauty, brightness, hospitality and cordiality. Company SIXT Ukraine is pleased to offer you a range of car rental services in Uzhgorod.

You can always rent a car at pl. Bogdan Khmelnitsky 2 or on Main Train Station

Exploring Uzhhorod with Sixt rent a car

Uzhgorod is located on the picturesque banks of the river Uzh. In those days it was called "A window to Europe". Its rich history and beautiful past are mentioned until now.

Ancient railway station

If you arrive to Uzhgorod pay your attention to its railway station. Usually the railway station is considered to be a place, which everyone wants to leave as quickly as possible but not in this city! The ancient building of the station is incredibly beautiful and it will promptly catch your eye.

Ancient railway station Uzhgorod

Uzhgorod castle

After a good rest and substantial meal go to the Uzhgorod castle – one of the most ancient castles in the country. A great number of legends and popular beliefs are connected with it. Despite numerous assaults and sieges the Uzhgorod castle had never been captured for all the time of its existence.

Uzhgorod castle

Pedestrian Bridge

Do you know what the absurd is? The absurd is to come to Uzhgorod and not to make a wish on the foot bridge. This bridge connects the modern Uzhgorod and its old part. They say, you should think about something you desire most of all while crossing the bridge and this precious wish will come true. Standing on the bridge you can enjoy the magnificent view of the lime avenue. You won't find such avenue anywhere else. Its length is about 2600 meters. The lime avenue is in blossom during the whole summer so you have three months to admire this beauty.

Pedestrian Bridge Uzhgorod

Museum of national architecture and life

The open-air museum of national architecture and life is a real pearl of Uzhgorod. From the observation deck of the Uzhgorod castle you can see a magnificent view on the museum. More than 14000 exhibits attract hundreds of tourists from the whole Ukraine and different corners of the world.

Museum of national architecture and life Uzhgorod

Famous Korzo Street

One more important thing to do in Uzhgorod is to walk along the well-known Korzo Street. In this pedestrian street you will see a set of restaurants and non-standard cafes. Sitting at a small table you'll like the atmosphere of this city and enjoy aroma of tasty coffee. Coffeedrinking is a special tradition in Uzhgorod. The patrons of the cafes already have their favourite kinds of tasty drink. Uzhgorod is a splendid city. It is worth visiting and feeling its stately spirit!

Korzo Street Uzhgorod

It is worth visiting and feeling its stately spirit! Book car rental in Uzhgorod and get all benefits form SIXT